Annual Recognition Luncheon

Celebrating 20 or more years of service in 2019.

50 Years of Service

Pearlina Jackson, Olin Library

Robert Weber, Physical Plant

40 Years of Service

Judith Goodale, Office of Admissions

35 Years of Service

Linda Shettleworth, Astronomy Department

Jeffrey Gilarde, Biology Department

Joan Schenker, Olin Library

Nicola David, Physical Plant

Ernesto Marino, Physical Plant

30 Years of Service

Joel LaBella, Earth & Environmental Science

Rosanna Pandolfo, Finance Office

Barbara Schukoske, Graduate Student Services

Tony Bostick, Public Safety Office

Cynthia Rockwell, University Communications

25 Years of Service

Benjiman Jackson, Information Technology Services

Angela Morgan, Office of Advancement

Michael Patterson, Physical Plant

20 Years of Service

Joan Miller, Cinema Archives

Michele Olerud, Dance Department

Kimberly Savinelli, Finance Office

Robert Elsinger, Information Technology Services

Deborah Shore, Music Department

Marian Blake, Office of Advancement

Karen Kasprow, Office of Advancement

Deborah Treister, Office of Advancement

Frantz Williams Jr., Office of Advancement

Kirsten Carlson, Physical Education Department

Dean Canalia, Physical Plant

William Fazzino, Public Safety Office

Steven Jacaruso, University Communications

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