Employee Service Recognition: July 1 – August 31, 2019

Below are the twenty employees who celebrated an anniversary in July and August.

50 Years of Service

Robert Weber, Physical Plant

40 Years of Service

Judith Goodale, Office of Admissions

35 Years of Service 

Nicola David, Physical Plant

Ernesto Marino, Physical Plant

30 Years of Service

Rosanna Pandolfo, Finance Office

Cynthia Rockwell, University Communications

25 Years of Service 

Benjiman Jackson, Information Technology Services

20 Years of Service 

Steven Jacaruso, University Communications

Robert Elsinger, Cardinal Technologies

15 Years of Service 

Susan Gebo, Health Services Department

Cathy-Lee Rizza, WesCard Office

Matthew Elson, Information Technology Services

Donna Moore, Information Technology Services

Tina Velasquez, Health Services Department

10 Years of Service

Caryn Canalia, Mathematics

5 Years of Service

Frederick Ludwig, Physical Education Department

Smith Kidkarndee, Counseling Center

Kate Tedford, Advancement

Pavel Oleinikov, Quantitative Analysis Center

William Wallace, Religious & Spiritual Life

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